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TOMS Shoes

Posted by Ms. Herr on 01.24.2008

My business partner (Tony) is currently drafting a short proposal for a corporate branding exercise for TOMS Shoes.  We’d be working under the name m3b experience studio, a partnership we have formed with Michelle Mace-Basha.  The project requires a quick turnaround and my initial guess is that budget limitations that will prevent me from joining Tony and Michelle in the facilitation of the workshop, but I will doubtlessly be closely involved in the preliminary project research, workshop design and prep, and any required summary documentation.  I think the  founding concept behind TOMS Shoes is incredibly cool and I certainly hope we get the project.  Check it out…


The curious can link to Experience Studio and M3B Inc.


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window shopping: my belt buckle, it talks to me

Posted by Ms. Herr on 01.10.2008

“Excuse me sir, my eyes are about 2′ higher than that of your gaze.  Seriously, would you mind not ogling my hips.  Yes, I am aware that my belt buckle is flashin’ messages at you, but can you please just try to stay focused.  What does it say?  Oh, it’s just a disclaimer that I can sometimes be a merciless flirt.”

Quite possibly one of the coolest things I have seen in awhile, and with so much potential in terms the [fashion] statements to be made, the LED scrolling belt buckle.  This baby is programmable!!!

The fun I could have.  The things I could utter without sayin’ a word.  The trouble I could get into.  Oh my, how I do want me one of these.  The blue one to be specific…


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update: first time on set

Posted by Ms. Herr on 01.9.2008

Just after my foray into blogging, I wrote about my first time on set filming a promo DVD for Havik in Hip Hop. Each of the dancers was supposed to get a copy of the DVD.  The course for Havik in Hip Hop has changed a bit since my original post, and unfortunately, I never did get a copy, but here is a link to a clip (video appears to have been removed) that Angel Ruiz (the director) uploaded to MySpace.

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1st impressions in 140 characters or less: the one with the good roommate

Posted by Ms. Herr on 01.9.2008



Yes, I confess that I’m a Twitter fan (as well as a Twirt for those in the know), and in my fandom, I have been quite effective in getting my roomie (@CTri17) in the mix as well.  We can often be found in our apartment, on the couch, not 3′ away from each other, with our computers on our laps or cell phones in hand laughin’ hysterically as we Twitter back in forth to each other.  This happens so often in fact, that we have deemed such occurrences “impromptu ab workouts”.

Roomie is back in Binghamton, New York visitin’ family this week , and so I must find other diversions (yes, yes, let the tears flow). To that end, I submitted to the slight twists of arm by fellow Twitter-ers @brianshaler@AcmePhoto, and @sunnythaper and attended Refresh Phoenix last night (great presentation/conversation with Joshua Strebel of Best Party Ever).  As I dallied to mingle with known Twitter-ers and meet new ones, I reintroduced myself to @chuckreynolds

“You’re the one with the good roommate.”

It seems that the @CTri17-@MsHerr banters have not gone unnoticed.

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