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joining the UCR

Posted by Ms. Herr on 02.25.2008

I’ve had it with responsibility.  I have certain inalienable rights.  You know the ones I mean: life, leisure, and kid-in-a-candy-store happyness.

Enough with the paychecks that get split a gazillion different ways. Enough with the professional dress code policies.  Enough with the doctor, dentist, and optometrist appointments, not to mention the required insurances (if I have the right to life, why the hell do I have to insure it?).  Enough with traffic commutes and oil changes.  Enough with the polite conversations about the weather, the dogs, and the kids.  Enough for the reading for personal or professional growth (I’m done growing up, it’s time to start growing down).  Enough with the dusting and ironing and window washing (was never much good at it anyway).  No more haircuts.  No more baths (well actually, I kinda like the baths and think I’ll keep those).  No more diets.  No more vegetables.  And no more boys who have cooties (basically, half of them) or who break stuff (the other half of them).

I’ve had it with responsibility.  I’m adding playing all day every day to that list of inalienable rights.  And then I’m running away to join the UCR.


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see, I’m not the only one

Posted by Ms. Herr on 02.18.2008

Back in May of 2007,  one Ms. Carrie B was in town visiting, so five or six of us were goin’ out to the clubs.  While I was gettin’ all dolled up, I had a moment of indecision about what shoes to wear so I tried one of each on, looked in the mirror, selected the navy blue ones, and proceeded to finish gettin’ ready.  As usual, we all rallied at one girl’s apartment before heading to Scottsdale.  Moments after arriving, while alone in the living room, I happened to look straight down.  I inhaled sharply…you know, the kind of inhale that moves through the voice box and makes a sort of weird scream.  The girls rushed into the room to see what was amiss.  I pointed down.  What ensued went way beyond LOL and LMAO to ROFL.

Yup, I somehow managed to walk out my apartment stylin’…


But… tweet tweet by bushidocedar The guy who was gassing up his corolla in front of me today had 1 dress shoe and one tennis shoe and a fanny pack. Thats my kind of cuckoo

See, I’m not the only one!!! 

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a map of sorts

Posted by Ms. Herr on 02.11.2008

tweet tweet “at a small crossroads in a larger choice: stability/sanity or the dream. the foreseen dangers of both commitment & abandonment weigh heavily.”

I find my psyche randomly skinny-dipping into tide pools of turmoil.

From career to personal ambitions(s) to private goals, from friendships to companionships to passions, many facets of my world have been swirling, each at their own pace. What began as occasional shifts of breeze 40 months ago, gained whirlwind momentum in February of last year, and seems to have become a vortex in the last two months. I embrace the notion that life is composed of joys and traumas, both of which are oft fleeting in nature when viewed through the larger spectrum of time. Yet, while still in the midst of uncertain chaos, to describe the journey as rocky seems too cavalier.

But there is a silver lining.

These dips into turmoil are oft followed by deep reflection on the path(s) and passion(s) I want to pursue. From investment in building the Experience Studio brand, to building my personal brand. From assessing my skills and their transferability to new opportunities to the skills I lack (and thus need to develop). From selling myself to selling myself short. From the sensibility and stability of full-time employment to the passion and uncertainty of dance. From networking and socializing to personal time spent in isolation. These continuums do no skew with either professional or personal bents, but are interweavings of a single individual bent: me. These are not questions of balance so much as they are questions about what I want to achieve, the best means of achieving them, and the present aspects of my life that I want to maintain. These are also questions for which I don’t have answers.

It may seem that I’m adrift in stress’s abyss, so where is the silver lining?

It is in my choosing to ask the questions.

I don’t know when, if ever, I’ll have the answers. Such a confession is not avoidance of issues at hand, merely recognition that while some answers I’ll formulate and achieve, others will serendipitously create themselves. And…

tweet tweet @jamesarcher “only 1 certainty, despite how perfectly we conceive our lifeplan, reality obliges little except to prove our plan ill-conceived”

So while I grapple with swirling facets, I am endeavoring to design and publish (here) a map of sorts that records how I spend each waking hour. Through conception (January 23rd), planning (ongoing), and execution (for one year or the remainder of 2008), this project is one I see as a tool for exploring my patterns of self.

Where is time spent? Where is it invested? What is the difference? What do I consider of import? How do the facets of my life divide? Or interweave? Am I comfortable in my modus operandi? Or actively seeking to develop my knowledge and skill set? To enrich my professional life? My personal life? The lives of others? Are my present pursuits aligned with the life I dream of living?

In a manner similar to Flickr’s 365 Days and Viddler’s MeToday, it is an exercise in self-portraiture. Yet the method is different. This map of sorts is a filmstrip series wherein each individual frame is a graphic representation of a use of time, a facet of my life. A single strip captures a single day, from waking to bedding.

The map below is of January 23-25, the first three days of this project. I realize there is not yet a key to assist interpretation. Please bear with me; it is coming.


No doubt various design issues will arise. Some, such as the categories I use to classify time spent and the basic unit of time (one hour, divisible into quarters), have already been addressed. Others, such as the level of detail illustrated, will be ongoing. And there be some that are yet unforeseen. I may, from time to time, seek input (primarily through Twitter) on how to tackle these issues.

If compelled to do so, please feel free to offer comment and critique. This map, like myself, is to be seen as a work in progress.

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Refresh and the restroom

Posted by Ms. Herr on 02.6.2008

Last night I attended my 2nd Refresh Phoenix meeting.  And of course the after party, where there occurred, among other things, a rather odd moment…

tweet tweet “sittin in Ling & Louie’s when a man walks thru the dining room carryin a toilet. how bizzare!”

Of course much bathroom related commentary and humor ensued.  But also reminded me of this:

Fellas, how’d ya like to use this bathroom?  Would it boost your ego?  Or make you self-conscious?  I tend to like bathrooms, at least the cool and unusual ones.  And I find the concept rather amusing.  😉

Now, fun stuff aside, I’d be remiss if I didn’t actually talk about Refresh, especially as it was demo night and there were some interesting, and fun (yes, more fun) stuff presented.  As I was late, I only caught a few.  Of particular interest (to me of course):

1) Erica Lucci (@EricaLucci) of Integrum Technologies presented Read Phoenix, an aggregator of blogs and bloggers in the Phoenix.  (I’ll add myself one day, i.e. when I’m blogging with more frequency and value…perhaps when I publish a draft of a time map project that’s been incubating for two weeks.)

2) Brian Shaler (@brianshaler) presented XID, a tool for locating and engaging friends on multiple platforms by creating a linked list of a user’s web presence.  XID is still in development, but Brian regularly provides updates on the XID Development Blog.  (Def excited…can’t wait for launch.)

3)  Matt Gist (@aparticularpath) and Matt Heidemann (@heidmotron) presented nehmehyeh, an app that allows users to record their moods everyday of the year.  It’s a different spin on Flicker365 and other apps and groups centered around self-portraiture.  (This may find it’s way into my time map project.)

There were doubtlessly other great ideas and projects demoed (check out the list on the Refresh site).  I’ve heard a bit about DurtBagz and am disappointed I missed their presentation.

*If anyone can has other links I can attach to any of these folks, holla. 

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