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rumination: web presence addendums on a resumé?

Posted by Ms. Herr on 07.31.2008

I’m such a joiner, signing up for accounts across the spectrum of social media platforms, each time motivated by different objectives. I explore functionality, satiate curiosity, actively socialize, or simply squat my handle before someone else snags it. I had 28 profiles at last count, yet few of them see enough activity to be considered active.

Like brain crack, my best-laid plans would see these profiles folded into a larger (as of yet, undrafted) strategy for not only building my personal brand, but also for composing a virtual portfolio of my knowledge base, skill set, and interests. Sites like LinkedIn or Biznik already provide a template for users to network resumé-esqu profiles. But as more companies become wise to less business-centric social networking sites, from MySpace and Facebook to Twitter, they are including an investigation of prospective employees’ comprehensive web presence in their due diligence. This post by John R. Hopkins got me thinking … and has me still thinking … does it behoove the social media savvy job seeker to append their traditional resumé with a “reference list” of the sites where they maintain profiles?


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16 consecutive standard-style push ups

Posted by Ms. Herr on 07.21.2008

With bis & tris freshly weak from the initial test, I confess that I have joined AZ Twitterati in the 100 push ups challenge. The buzz started last week, but I was on the fence. It’s in line with my want to get back in the habit of working out daily. I can be very lazy. Lots of my tweeps were doing it. I have a lot on my plate already. When I work out regularly, I’m more energized, more alert, and yes…smarter. I don’t like committing to things I think following through on will become chore-like. Lots of my tweeps were doing it. Lots of my tweeps were doing it. Then today I discovered we have our own wiki-site. Really, our very own site! Where you even have to sign up! I am so in! I’m a joiner, what else do you expect?


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