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window shopping Christmas wish list

Posted by Ms. Herr on 11.24.2008

Which means Christmas is just around the corner. I love the holiday season. The parties, the traveling, the hot spiced wine (a family tradition), the rum balls. And the giving. Oh, the giving. Every year, with Budget in mind, I compile a list of who I’m shopping for, what I think they’d like, and cap on what I want to spend. With out fail, I not only exceed Budget, but wring its neck and bury it six feet underground. Some might call it manslaughter, but I call it justifiable homicide. After all, it’s about the high of being able to give cool stuff to my peeps.

Budget gets a stay of execution this year as financial limitations equal giving limitations. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t do my part to help stimulate the economy. Other people will be shopping for gifts (including my parents who buy me stuff even if I tell them not to). So starting on Black Friday, I’m going to [try to] write about one thing each day that I think would make a cool gift. I’ll [try to] keep it unique and interesting. It’ll all be stuff I like, but I’ve heard that if you really like something, then chances are someone you know will really like it too. My hope is that you’ll discover something that’ll be loved by a sibling, friend, parent, spouce, or yourself. And when you do, buy it, wrap it, & put it under the tree.


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