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window shopping Christmas wish list: Reactee to pimp your ish

Posted by Ms. Herr on 12.3.2008

And day 3 of the wish list.

I first learned about Reactee over a year ago from Springwise, a cool trend observation site. Since then, I’ve met @soul4real who tweeted about wanting a Reactee, and Byron, who owns and wears one.

Do you sense a little “but I knew about them first” here? I do.

Back to the point, Reactee lets you create a tee shirt to pimp pretty much any subject you want, from your favorite cause to your self. The shirt design is simple with a few customizable components. You pick your own headline and text keyword. You can also add a graphic by selecting one of the default options or uploading your own. Wear your tee out and about, and curious passersby who text your keyword to 41411 will receive a reply message from you.

At $20-25 (plus shipping) for a Reactee, it’s a really cool, and inexpensive, means of marketing. Design a tee for yourself or get a gift certificate for someone else.

I haven’t bought one for myself yet, primarily because I haven’t figure out what I want my headline to be. Although now that I’ve started merciless flirt, I may just use Reactee to pimp that.


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